dry aged

Our aged cheeses are carefully made daily and set to age for weeks to perfection. Semi-soft “Pasta Filata” hormone-free, pasteurized cow’s milk cheese with a firm, dry mozzarella texture lightly salted. Less moisture than mozzarella which offers an excellent melting quality.

These make delicious appetizers, paired nicely with fruits and bread. It's excellent for melting for pizzas. We make natural and smoked which are smoked naturally with 5 different woods.

Our product can be found at various quality supermarkets in our local area and as we continue expand across the country. We offer a wide variety of styles and different sized mozzarellas that can be used as a main dish or compliment any dish you have.
Various products include (Regular & Smoked Varieties):
Caciocavallo / Scamorza / Hard Mozzarella Logs / Brick Oven Mozzarella

If you're looking to add any of our amazing products to your line or restaurant, please contact us for details and samples:
Carmine Durante, VP Sales and Marketing | (203) 287-8477