Fior di latte

(Flower of the MIlk)

Our Fior di Latte (Flower of the Milk) is a semi-soft “Pasta Filata” cheese made from fresh mozzarella. We offer a wide variety of products from hand wrapped fresh Mozzarella and our famous hand-made Treccie "braid" to the popular and unique Burrata filled with fresh Stracciatella cream. Burrata is often served with a sprinkle of salt and drizzle of olive oil. Scoop up the burrata with slices of Italian bread or spread the inside of the cheese onto crackers Burrata is also often served like mozzarella, with fresh tomatoes and basil, and is a decadent and delicious topping for pizza.

Our product can be found at various quality supermarkets in our local area and as we continue expand across the country. We offer a wide variety of Fior Di Latte products that can be used as a main dish or compliment any dish you have.
Various products include:
Fresh Mozzarella / Burrata / Burratina / Stracciatella / Ciliegine Salad with Tomato & Basil / Treccie

If you're looking to add any of our amazing products to your line or restaurant, please contact us for details and samples:
Carmine Durante, VP Sales and Marketing | (203) 287-8477